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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Netanyahu and Obama playing good cop, bad cop routine?

Are Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama cooperating to have Netanyahu be the bad cop and Obama the good cop on Iran? Consider this.

This past week, Netanyahu made a speech in the Knesset that many have characterized as 'strident.'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night gave one of his broadest indications to date of a readiness to strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, even without US support, and vowed to uproot the Hamas regime from Gaza.

Speaking in the Knesset, Netanyahu noted that Israel had “never placed its fate in the hands of others — not even the best of friends,” and said it would not do so now.

He recalled that then-prime minister Menachem Begin approved Israel’s 1981 strike at Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor at Osirak even though Begin knew the attack would be criticized worldwide, including by the US. And such criticism was indeed forthcoming, he said. But Begin had been vindicated, and Israel’s ties with the US had only flourished since then, said Netanyahu.

The speech was interpreted by commentators as a further indication of Netanyahu’s determination to thwart Iran’s nuclear drive by military force if sanctions and other diplomacy fail, and if the US does not take action. Amnon Abramovich, an analyst for Israel’s Channel 2 news, said for Netanyahu, it appeared the question of a military strike on Iran was a matter of when, rather than whether.
Speaking a few hours later after a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama said that the window of opportunity for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis was closing.

Let's go to the videotape.

I actually hope they're not coordinating on this, because coordination is likely to carry a price down the road in terms of the 'Palestinians' down the road if Obama is reelected. I hope this is Obama warning, "look, I can't control that maniac Netanyahu."

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