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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bolton: 'I wouldn't wait until the last minute if I were Israel'

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says that if he were Israel, he wouldn't wait until the last minute. And he says a lot more. He's awesome.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Jack W via EmbraceIsrael). More after the videotape.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the Senate Armed Services Committee a different story on Tuesday. According to Israel Radio, Panetta told the Committee that Israel has not yet decided whether or not to attack Iran. That sounds like wishful thinking to me.
Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday, Panetta was pressed on the growing possibility that Israel would attack Iran. Israel has blamed Iran for recent diplomatic attacks overseas. Tehran has denied responsibility.

Panetta said Iran was a great concern and the U.S. has a common cause with Israel and the international community to ensure that Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon. He said the U.S. and other nations have taken strong steps with sanctions and stressed the importance of keeping the international community together.

Panetta said that, as President Obama suggested, the administration does not think Israel has made a decision.
I suspect that the decision has been made already and that it's a go. I can't tell you yet when (other than "before November 6) or how.

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