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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Germany blackmailed Netanyahu

I used to have a client who had a fair amount of business in Germany who was constantly referring to the Germans as Nazis - even to their faces. It used to grate on me - not because I had sympathy for the Nazis God forbid - but because the type of behavior the Nazis espoused seemed so far in the past and so unrelated to the genteel businessmen (all men) sitting across the table from us.

Last week, Prime Minister Netanyahu caved in and resumed 'tax transfers' to the 'Palestinian Authority.' The transfers had been suspended in response to the PA's negotiations with Hamas and its unilateralism at the United Nations. It seemed like yet another flip flop by a Prime Minister who talks big but folds like a piece of paper. But it wasn't. Netanyahu was blackmailed.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatened Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with the halting of a German plan to deliver a submarine to Israel if the latter refused to resume the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority, German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday.

According to the report, Jerusalem yielded to pressure from Berlin and unfroze the funds. Shortly afterward, a German government official announced her country would build and pay up to one-third of the cost of a sixth Dolphin-class submarine to be delivered to the Israeli navy.

The agreement in principle to provide the Dolphin-class submarine, which foreign reports say enhances Israel’s second strike capability since it can carry nuclear warheads, comes a month after reports that Germany was reconsidering the deal because of anger at the announcement of plans to build some 1,100 housing units in the capital’s Gilo neighborhood, over the Green Line.

The German official said she did not know whether those reports were accurate. She said Germany will pay up to 135 million euros toward the submarine, which will cost between 372m. and 520m. euros.

Talks on the deal for the sub stalled last year after the Germans declined to underwrite it, as they had done with previous submarine purchases.
What's unmentioned here is that the submarine's construction will provide a huge boost to Germany's shipbuilding industry, which has been in serious financial straits.


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At 9:26 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Everybody wins... Israel gets another sub, Germany gets some jobs, the U.S. (Rep. Ros-L..) went along... The PA gets enough money to keep the throat slitters and rocket crews in place. And it only costs a few dead Jews in the short term to possibly have fewer dead Jews than there would have been without that 6th sub in the future. Well, I guess the blackmail would have eliminated even the original 5 that they already committed to, right? Ugh. Suggest short delivery schedules as they may not be able to do their matching $$. And they may pull the rug out and not deliver. Have you already gotten some of the original 5 subs?


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