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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Israel, US to release prisoners in exchange for Grapel?

If, as has been claimed all along, Ilan Grapel is not a spy and has no connection to Israel, I don't understand why we are reportedly going to be paying a price for his release.
According to the Israeli Ma’ariv newspaper, Israel has agreed to release 25 Egyptian security prisoners currently serving sentences in Israeli jails in exchange for Grapel.

The report, which is based on comments made by a senior Egyptian television commentator, the United States will also release prisoners. Among the prisoners to be released are also ones classified by Egypt as “high profile”.

The commentator added that the main part of the deal that was reached includes an American agreement to sell advanced weapons to the Egyptian Army, which until now the U.S. has refrained from doing due to Israeli pressure.
I suppose we should look at the bright side: Without knowing what weapons the Americans are agreeing to provide to Egypt, the price for Grapel is much lower than was the price for the last Israeli civilian moron who got himself imprisoned in an Arab country.

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