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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

'Palestinians' shoot 15 more rockets into Israel to distract us from housing crisis demonstrators

'Palestinians' have shot 15 more rockets into Israel between 7:00 and Midnight on Wednesday night, and a three-month old infant has been injured by shrapnel when her home took a direct hit. But 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen says that Israel initiated the violence (which started with a 'Palestinian' terror attack last Thursday) to distract attention from the now-forgotten 'housing crisis' protesters on Tel Aviv's swanky Rothschild Boulevard.
Israel initiated the recent tensions in the Gaza Strip to distract attention from the current wave of socio-economic protests in the country, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted on Tuesday as saying.

Abbas, who is visiting Qatar, told the Doha-based Al Jazeera TV network that the protests have stopped because of the Israeli “escalation” succeeded in diverting attention from the weekly demonstrations.

“Israel has been witnessing real unrest and weekly demonstrations calling for social justice,” he was quoted as saying. “These protests could have grown had it not been for the escalation, which diverted attention from the events. Since then, the demonstrations have stopped.”
Yeah right. Israel hired 'Palestinian' terrorists to murder eight Israelis last Thursday to distract attention from the rich kids sleeping in tents in Tel Aviv. What a bleeping moron.

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At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The earthquake here on the eastern coast of the United States? That's right--a Zionist distraction from Tel Aviv spring!!!

Or is it divine punishment for gay pride parades?

Hard to keep these things straight.

Wait, wait...bicycle riders!!!

At 1:00 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

You and the other Zionist Elders initiated it to discredit the Palestinian statehood drive!

I wish Jews had the power their enemies seek to ascribe to them. Because if that was true, Gaza would have already been razed over!

The Palestinians should count their blessings to have Israel for an enemy!

At 4:15 AM, Blogger mrzee said...

From attack trained pigs to the Zionist Shampoo of Death, there's no lie to big for these idiots to try and no lie too big for their amoeba-brained supporters not to accept.

Unfortunately too many people in Europe and North America aren't familiar with the idiocies that come out of their mouths Even when their not speaking, they're thinking of new lies.


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