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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Palestinians' flee Latakia, Obama and Clinton fiddle

The New York Times reports that 10,000 'Palestinians' have fled Latakia, while the Obama administration continues to 'lead from behind' (Hat Tip: Soccer Dad).
On Tuesday in Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said it was more effective to forge international consensus against Mr. Assad — as well as intensify economic pressure through sanctions — than for the United States alone to lead the way.

“It’s not going to be any news if the United States says Assad needs to go,” Mrs. Clinton said at the National Defense University. “O.K., fine, what’s next? If Turkey says it, if King Abdullah says it, if other people say it, there is no way the Assad regime can ignore it.”
That's leading from behind alright. How does she suppose that an 'international consensus' is ever going to be forged if the US does not lead? She sounds totally Orwellian to me.
The refugee neighborhood, Raml, was set up after 1948, when Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes during the fighting at the creation of Israel. It grew into one of the city’s largest neighborhoods, drawing poor job-seekers, but it still lacks some basic services. Demonstrations have erupted there and nearby since the country’s uprising began in March, and activists there insisted that the crackdown would fail to quell the spirit of dissent.
Well, no wonder there's a revolution in Syria. 63 years and still 'lacks some basic services'.... Oh never mind. It's the 'Palestinians.' Their fellow Arabs are like totally allowed to abuse them. That wouldn't cause an uprising in Syria, would it?
“We urge the Syrian authorities to stop the attack on the refugee camp immediately,” said Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas. “It is unacceptable, we cannot accept it,” he said.
What will they do about it? What they will find out is that unlike when the 'Palestinians' fight Israel, no one care about them when they fight anyone else (see Secretary of State Clinton's comments above).
Another senior Palestinian official, Yasser Abed Rabbo, has described the attack on Raml as “a crime against humanity.” Speaking on the official Voice of Palestine Radio on Tuesday, Mr. Abed Rabbo said that the Syrian government had “lost rationality.”
And what are they going to do about it? Go to the International Criminal Court? Oh wait - that would be a little hypocritical given the warmth with which Abu Mazen has greeted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who was indicted by the same court. Well, a little hypocrisy never bothered the 'Palestinians,' did it? So I guess the ICC is still on the table.

So to where will the 'Palestinians' flee? So far, just within Syria. Will anyone in the West take them in? Don't hold your breaths.

Anyone still think the Arabs aren't a bunch of hypocrites? I didn't think so.

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