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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hamas agrees to cease fire, Israel denies entering into agreement

Hamas has agreed to enforce a cease fire on the other 'Palestinian' terror groups in Gaza. Israel is denying that it is party to any such agreement, but says that it will watch carefully whether Hamas keeps the cease fire.
Hamas has agreed to enforce a ceasefire on smaller Palestinian factions in Gaza, which have been responsible for most of the rockets fired at Israel in the escalation of recent days, a Palestinian officials said on Monday.

One official who was involved in mediating talks between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza said the groups had "reached an understanding on a truce and that the truce has started."

Officials said that Israel and the Hamas Islamist group which controls the Gaza Strip have agreed to a ceasefire after five days of cross-border violence.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's Office denied that it was partner to any signed cease fire agreement in Gaza.

A source in the PMO told Army Radio, "We do not sign agreements with Hamas, not directly and not indirectly."

He added, "Israel is monitoring the implementation of the cease fire. If they continue the shooting, we'll respond accordingly."
Let's see how long this holds. I doubt it will hold until the end of the month.

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