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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Textbook in British university calls Christians apes, Jews pigs; Saudi ambassador has no comment

A textbook in a British university under Saudi sponsorship calls Christians apes and Jews pigs. The Saudi ambassador issued a statement in response to other charges but neglected to address that one.

I received the following press release by email:
Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the UK responds to report into university funding

Contact: Raheem Kassam, Director, Student Rights – 07872833322

The Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud, has responded to a report from Student Rights in an open letter to Members of the UK Parliament, dated Friday 17th June 2011.

The report questioned the relationship between the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and a major London University, the School of Oriental and African Studies. The report also noted links between SOAS and Mutassim Gaddafi; that Yusuf al-Qaradawi is on the Editorial Board of the Saudi-funded Journal of Qu’ranic Studies; and the Saudi tie to the King Fahad Academy in London. It also showed, based on Freedom of Information requests, that SOAS received £755,000 from the Saudi Royal Family between 2006 and 2010.

The Student Rights report was covered by the Jewish Chronicle on June 15th.

The Ambassador, in his letter, raises one substantive point about the King Fahad Academy. The Ambassador (Chairman of the Academy) says: "...the academy has won a number of UK educational awards and Dr. Sumaya al Yusuf, Director of the Academy, has recently been appointed as Chairman of the International Schools Association in which the school takes a full part." However, this does not address the original statements made on Newsnight by Dr. Yusuf about the use of textbooks at the Academy, which describe Christians as pigs and Jews as apes.

Director of Student Rights, Raheem Kassam has responded at length to the Ambassador in his own open letter to Members of Parliament, available here.

Raheem Kassam, director of Student Rights has said: “We are pleased that the Ambassador has read the report but require some clarification about his letter. I have raised the point again with Parliamentarians and hope that the Ambassador can comment on the relationship with Yusuf al-Qaradawi and what the Saudi Arabian Royal Family expect in return for their donations to the university. Foreign funding of British universities is a major concern, as evidenced by the LSE-Gaddafi scandal.”
Let's go to the videotape.

How long is the 'enlightened' world going to continue to allow their children to be indoctrinated with this type of material?

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