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Friday, June 17, 2011

Obama places the US military under UN control

In response to a bipartisan resolution from Congress accusing him of violating the US War Powers act (which prohibits the President from making extensive commitments of American troops without Congressional approval - Congress having the power to 'declare war' under the constitution), President Obama has essentially claimed that the United Nations has the power to make war on the United States' behalf.
Yesterday the President gave his response. He sent a 30+ page report (embedded below) justifying continued military involvement U.S. military involvement is “legitimated” by the UN Security Council – saying that therefore no congressional authorization is needed.
U.S. forces are playing a constrained and supporting role in a multinational coalition, whose operations are both legitimated by and limited to the terms of a United Nations Security Council Resolution that authorizes the use of force solely to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under attack or threat of attack and to enforce a no-fly zone and an arms embargo.
A major problem with that argument is that the Constitution's provisions regarding the United States use of military force mentions Congress, but it doesn't mention the United Nations as having the right to legitimize the use of American forces.
Funny - I don't recall the United Nations being mentioned in the US constitution.

This has some very serious implications in lots of other areas. For example, a UN action to 'protect' the 'Palestinians.'

What could go wrong?

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At 8:50 PM, Blogger anode said...

No fly zone. LOL
Gaddafi should support that with SAMs on the forces invading his country.

No Fly Zone: Means Libyan forces can't fly but any hostile country (to Libya) can.

No Fly zone: The sovereign nation can't use its own air space by order of some country 8000 miles away that just doesn't like him.

What would happen if the US citizens revolted (excuse me, protested) against the elitists that are stealing all the money and enslaves its people? Would the US be under a foreign imposed no fly zone? Would the protestors be given puppies and ice scream?


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