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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Norwegian art project trains delinquents to draw anti-Israel graffiti on subways

It's been just two days since I pointed you to a post that argued that Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West. Now, I have more proof for you. Norway is training juvenile delinquents to draw anti-Israel graffiti in its subway system (Hat Tip: Tundra Tabloids).

The picture above is from [Monday's] Aftenposten, with the article heading saying “Spray fantasies on the subway” with the subtitle saying “Meet the wall in a creative way”. The title refers to how the youths in the project are being taught how to spray-paint the walls in the subway station with messages of their own choice. That’s right, they are receiving expert tuition, from a Berlin-based Norwegian artist, on how to best get their message across. The subtitle is a play on how the youths in questiLinkon are in a special school for students who have “met the wall”, that is, are unable to function in a normal school.

So we have young thugs painting political propaganda on the walls of a public space, and this is somehow what, art? This is good? Not a critical question from the Aftenposten journalist, of course, who probably sincerely believes that “Free Palestine” cannot possibly translate into “Destroy Israel”. Except if Israel is Palestine, than the freeing of Palestine can only come about through the abortion of the zionist project, duh?
Now as it happens, Artists4Israel are currently in Israel, and I will be meeting with some of them on Wednesday night. I would love to send them to Norway to teach these kids something different, and they are willing to go run a program there, but... how do we pay for it?

Ideas appreciated.

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Artist's suggestion

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