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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Massive anti-Israel rally in Cairo on Friday

As well continue to repeat the mantra that the 'Arab spring' has nothing to do with Israel or Jews, a massive rally against Israel took place in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday.
Egyptians gathered at Cairo's Liberation Square -- the epicenter of the Egyptian revolution that toppled former president Hosni Mubarak's regime.

The Cairo rally -- named a million-man march -- coincides with the anniversary of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories in 1948.

Activists have called for a march to neighboring Gaza, which is under Israel's siege.

Meanwhile, several thousand also held protest outside the Israeli consulate in Alexandria, calling for an end to Cairo's relations with Tel Aviv.

They demanded their military rulers to abandon Israel and lift the blockade on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Protesters have threatened to continue massive protest rallies if the current government does not move to cut off ties with the Israeli regime.

Egypt's political parties say the Gaza blockade serves the interests of Israel and the US and threatens regional stability and independence.
Barry Rubin adds:

Oh, and guess how the demonstration was largely organized. Ready? On Facebook! Hahaha. Those youthful hip twittering moderate young people!

Also notice how this is all happening before elections install a radical, nationalist, anti-Israel, anti-American president and a parliament dominated by revolutionary Islamist anti-American antisemites. What are we going to see after the people have spoken?

We can also look forward to similar demonstrations in Palestine’s capital, after Linkindependence takes place, demanding an abrogation of the Israel-Palestine peace treaty and the end to Israeli occupation of…Israel.

After people finally figured out in April-May what they should have known in January-February about Egypt, might be better to learn the lesson now rather than to repeat the same mistakes infinitely?
You will recall that in the Glenn Beck video I showed you in an earlier post, he pointed out the difference between democracy and freedom. Egypt is a classic example. They don't want democracy - they want Islamism. And they want the freedom to go to war with the Jews. As the Sandmonkey pointed out before he got sucked in to the current revolution (and wiped this post clean):
But then I rememebrd that we- the majority of us anyway- don't want peace with Israel, and are not interested in any real dialogue with them. We weren't then and we are not now. The Entire peace process has always been about getting the land back, not establishing better relations. Even when we do get the land back, it's not enough. People in Egypt lament daily the Camp David treaty that prevents us from fighting. In Gaza they never stopped trying to attack Israel. In Lebanon Hezbollah continued attacking even after the Israeli withdrawel. And the people- the majority of the arab population- support it. Very few of us are really interested in having any lasting Peace or co-existance. I mean, if our left is asking for war, what do you think the rest of the population is thinking?

I think that the Israeli want peace with us because they don't want their lives disrupted. They don't want to have the IDF soldiers fighting in Gaza, rockets coming into their towns from Hamas or having to go to wars against Hezbollah to get their soldiers back. I think they want peace because they want their peace of mind. They view us as if we were a headache. We view them as if they are a cancer.
And now with Mubarak gone they're free to try to cut the 'cancer' out. What could go wrong?

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At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Cairo rally -- named a million-man march -- coincides with the anniversary of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories in 1948. " Say what? Occupation of Palestinian territories in 1948? In other words, Israel's occupation of Israel. The Palestinian lexicon of "Palestinian territories, Palestinian lands", ancient and holy, usurped by the European settler Jews has now infiltrated its merry way across the Western PC press. These much touted peace treaties are just scraps of paper when Arab societies publicly proclaim their right to reverse them. Let them find another "cancer" to give them land.


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