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Sunday, April 03, 2011

This just might be the most detailed critique of J Street ever

Even I haven't gotten through the whole thing yet, but it's worth a try. This is probably the most detailed critique of J Street that you will ever see.
I believe part of the phenomenon stems from the attempts by many American Jews to separate ethnicity from religion in this country and to merge Jewish identity with secular political values. It's been theorized that the attempt to separate religion from ethnicity created a void that many attempted to fill with politics or popular culture, among other things; and ironically many approached the task of filling the emptiness with an almost religious zeal. Or they created a secular “religion” by perverting the concept of Tikkun Olam, which they typically define as “social action,” but which according to the Talmud and Zohar is more closely interpreted as “insuring the proper workings of society” as part of a mystical process to ingather the divine sparks said to have been scattered throughout the universe at creation. What they’ve done with this concept is the subject of another talk, but suffice to say there is nothing holy in “social action” divorced from the Jews’ religious and mystical imperatives to fulfill their obligations to their G-d and to their People.

Political progressives tend to ignore the spiritual, and seek to supplant it with secular values – or universal values, if such things truly exist. However, there’s nothing about “repairing the world” that mandates an outward focus to the exclusion of Jewish self-interest and self-preservation. Moreover, there is nothing about the concept that a priori requires support of left-wing political agendas that conflict with traditional Judaism.

Ironically, secular progressives tend to believe they’re "repairing the world" by endorsing progressive political agendas, which increasingly promote the Palestinian narrative and question Israel’s Jewish character – and even her right to exist. But progressive politics do not reflect inherently Jewish priorities any more than does any other set of secular, political values.

Does “repairing the world” justify ignoring Israel's security concerns or denying her Jewish character? Certainly not; and any agenda in which Israel's Jewish character is debatable is by definition not consistent with Jewish values.
Read it all.

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At 8:18 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Left's penchant to pursue the worldly path has thrown it into an alliance with the most repressive and depraved regimes on the planet. Whatever that might be called, it will not make the world a freer and safer place.

Not for Israel - which incidentally why Israelis have turned their backs on a Left that is unremittingly hostile not only to Israel's democracy but also to its very right to exist as the Jewish State in the Middle East.


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