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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No, it wasn't a Thai worker

Some 'Palestinians' have been promoting a story on the internet that Thai workers are suspected in the murder of the Fogel family of Itamar. I even got tweets like that in my feed yesterday when I posted Melanie Phillips' interview. This story from Maan shows that the prime suspects are 'Palestinians.'
The deputy mayor of Awarta and two of his brothers were detained along with dozens of others Tuesday morning by Israeli forces. Officials say the detained men are being given DNA tests and questioned by soldiers.

The detentions come as the investigation into the murders of five Israeli settlers - including two children and an infant - enters its third week. More than 40 had been detained from the village in the first week of the investigation, and foreign workers in the settlement were said to have been questioned.

Awarta, the closest Palestinian village to the illegal Israeli settlement of Itamar, where the murders occurred, has been the center of the investigation. It was placed under military curfew twice, the first time for five days.

While a third curfew was not imposed overnight, Israeli troops forcibly entered homes, detaining an unknown number of residents estimated to be in the dozens. Forty had already been detained during earlier arrest raids, including a Voice of Palestine radio journalist.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed military activity in the village overnight, but said she could not comment on whether or not villagers had been arrested, or the nature of their arrests. Israel placed details of the investigation under a gag order, and while political leaders pointed the finger at Palestinian militants, no suspect has been publicly identified.

Awarta Mayor Qays Awwad told Ma'an on Tuesday morning that the men and boys who had been detained during the first round of arrests in the village were taken to the Israeli military base at Huwwara, where they were subjected to DNA testing and fingerprinted.

"They took samples for DNA tests, and were fingerprinted before being interrogated. Some were released but more are being kept in custody," the mayor said, adding that his deputy mayor Hasan Awwad and two of his brothers were among those rounded up overnight.
By the way, Elder of Ziyon reports that Maan's editor tweeted him that he would run a story saying there were no foreign workers in Itamar (Itamar doesn't allow them) if Elder could come up with official confirmation. Elder got the confirmation but the story still hasn't run. What a shock.... (The same editor has shown up once or twice in my Twitter feed too).

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At 10:04 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Hardly surprising.

From a culture marinated in Jew-hatred, why would any one expect it to really tell the truth about what happened in Itamar?

That Maan wouldn't run official confirmation Itamar doesn't hire foreign workers is telling indeed.


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