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Monday, February 21, 2011

Priest's throat slit in Tunisia

Here's another new Arab 'democracy' that can't quite get the 'freedom of religion' part straight (Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs).
Tunisia's official TAP news agency says a Catholic priest from Poland has been killed and his body had multiple stab wounds and his throat was slit.

The report cites the Tunis archbishopric as saying 34-year-old Marek Marius Rybinski worked at a religious school in the Tunis suburb of Manouba. His body was found Friday in the school parking lot.

In a statement, the Interior Ministry said the killing appeared to be the work of a "group of extremist terrorist fascists," judging by the way it was carried out.

The statement denounced extremists' "exploitation ... of the current exceptional circumstances to make trouble."
On Saturday, 18,000 Tunisians came out to demonstrate in favor of the country's Christian and Jewish population.
Some 18,000 Tunisians came out Saturday in the capital city of Tunis to protest against bigotry. The demonstrators decried recent Judeo-Phobic rhetoric against the Jewish community and memorialized Father Marek Rybinski, a Polish-Catholic priest who was stabbed to death on Friday. The demonstrators called for religious tolerance. One of the organizers stated, "We must stand side by side and show religious tolerance towards each other." Among the slogans at the rally were, "Terrorism is not the voice of Tunisia!" and "Muslims, Christians, Jews, we all Tunisians!"
I still recommend that Tunisia's Jews make aliya.

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At 5:02 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Yup... the demonstration against the Islamists is a good sign.

But the Jews should still make aliya. You never know if things there could take a turn for the worse.


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