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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Released for publication: Arabs planned missile attack on Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem

It has been released for publication that five Jerusalem Arabs (who have the right to Israeli citizenship) have been arrested in connection with a plot to carry out a missile attack on Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem's main soccer stadium.
Officials released for publication Sunday details of a plot by several Jerusalem Arabs who, working on behalf of Hamas, had planned to fire a missile at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem during a major event there. The attack had been planned for last November, but was foiled by Israeli security agents.

The Arabs arrested are residents of Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem. The main suspects in the case, two friends, decided to carry out the attack in the wake of Operation Cast Lead, and collected information about possible targets in the city, including the stadium. They began acquiring weapons and bombs for an attack, and made contact with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia, via relatives. In addition to preparing for the attack, the detainees supplied under questioning details of Hamas activity in Jerusalem, especially on the Temple Mount.
So can we say that the system worked because these people were caught? I think so.

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At 7:58 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

A close call in 2010. Israel survives by the margins every day.

A reminder that Israel exists in a very bad neighborhood.


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