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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wikileaks: Abu Bluff collaborated with Israel against Hamas

My friends over at Hot Air are treating this as a pretty big deal, but I really don't think it's such surprising news. A Wikileaks document dump says that 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen collaborated with Israel to oppose the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007.
The 2007 cable quoted Yuval Diskin, the head of Israel's Shin Bet internal security service, as saying the PA security apparatus shares with Israel "almost all the intelligence that it collects."

"They understand that Israel's security is central to their survival in the struggle with Hamas in the West Bank," the cable said.

The cable, dated June 13, 2007, was sent from the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv as Hamas forces were routing Abbas's security forces to take over the Gaza Strip. Abbas has since ruled only in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Diskin is quoted as calling Abbas' forces in Gaza as "desperate, disorganized, and demoralized."

"They are approaching a zero-sum situation, and yet they ask us to attack Hamas. This is a new development. We have never seen this before. They are desperate," Diskin said.

A Palestinian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the comments were based on an assessment and evaluation rather than solid information.

Hamas has accused Abbas, who has held numerous rounds of peace negotiations with Israel, of plotting with Israel against it. Hamas is sworn to Israel's destruction.
So why do I think this is not such a big deal? I don't think it's a big deal because everyone suspected this all along, and because it's well known that the 'Palestinian Authority' provided intelligence to Israel during Operation Cast Lead at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. So they did it in 2007 also? Okay - so what?

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At 2:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and doing it now, no? Officially and under the table. They take what they can get, offer some tactical reciprocity but still keep pursuing unilateral strategies.


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