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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Israel not the only country recruiting its overseas travelers as emissaries

A while back, we talked about how Israel is trying to turn all its overseas travelers into emissaries abroad. There's now another country that's trying it: The United States of America.
The summit is a call to action to every American citizen. Whether you are interested in global health, development, higher education, music, art, dance, business, etc., there is something you can do to engage with the world.

During the opening plenary, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith A. McHale welcomed summit participants and encouraged them to continue their ongoing efforts as citizen diplomats.

“We must engage with people at all levels, in all sectors of society. And, as President Obama has stated, we must engage with them on the basis of mutual respect and mutual understanding; an engagement which fosters a spirit of collective action to address our common problems,” Under Secretary McHale stated.

“The task ahead is enormous, and it is not one that government can or should do alone,” added McHale. “If we are to do this job and do it right, we need the help and support of all our citizens. That is why the work you will be doing at this summit is so critical to our efforts.”
In Israel we're doing this because our diplomatic corps consists of entrenched Leftists from the Foreign Ministry's bureaucracy and the politically connected who have no diplomatic skills. Ooops - I forgot. The United States appoints ambassadors the same way.

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At 3:25 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The shlihim sent to summer camps from Israel (along with families living for a time in the U.S. for their jobs) are Israel's best diplomacy. The consulate people seem way too politicized to leave a lasting, stable impression (especially since they are, as you say, way left). Re this article, I've recently started to wonder why the Jewish Agency wouldn't have a program that matches the shlihim, that recruits U.S. (or wherever) Jewish college age kids, many with experience in the same camps they send the shlihim to, to work a summer in an Israeli summer camp or day program... rather than just being tourists, these kids would strengthen ties both ways... I have Natan Sharansky on my fanpages... I think I'll try to ask him.


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