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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Syrian 'flotilla' arrives in Sinai

A flotilla of 'humanitarian aid' for Gaza has arrived at El Arish on the Egyptian coast of Sinai. The flotilla did not attempt to run the Israeli 'blockade' and there was no incidents. The goods are being offloaded and will be transported by land to Gaza.
The Syrian flotilla that was on its way to Gaza has docked in El Arish in Sinai, Arab media said. The ships were carrying donations of goods for Gaza Arabs, and the goods were unloaded in El Arish and are to be transported by land to Gaza.

An Israeli government official quoted on Israel Radio welcomed the flotilla, saying that it proved that donors seeking to provide aid to Gaza Arabs did not have to provoke Israel by attempting to land in Gaza.
Tell that to the Turks.


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