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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The silent teacher

Jennifer Rubin is back from vacation, and in one of her first pieces she rips the silent teacher in the White House for ignoring the teachable moment presented by the Ground Zero mosque.
The White House advertises Michael Bloomberg’s sneer at the vast majority of his fellow citizens who have decided not to be bullied into submitting to an ideological assault on America. But the president is mum because, while the practices of the Cambridge police department and every other problem is within the federal government’s purview, this is not a subject on which Obama the Explainer of Islam wants to opine.

He either agrees with the finger-wagging left (certainly it’s precisely the sort of thing the Cairo-speech author would cheer), which would cement the public’s sense that he is not on the same wave length (planet?) as the rest of us, or he agrees with those whom the left vilifies (everyone else), in which case down-in-dumps liberals would be depressed to an even greater degree than they already are. So Obama takes the courageous route and votes “present” — that is, “no comment.”

It’s no surprise that a president soaked in the juices of the left should find himself sidelined when the issue is squarely presented: is American civilization worth defending? The question seems too hard or too politically inconvenient for the commander in chief and current leader of the Free World to answer.
I wish I could share Jennifer's relative optimism that the American people are waking up to the real Obama and will turn him out in 2012. But I hesitate to do so. To see why I'm hesitant, go here.

But read the whole thing.


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