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Monday, August 02, 2010

110 in 2010

The IDF Spokesperson's office reports that approximately 110 rockets have been fired at Israel in 2010 (not including Monday morning's rockets from Sinai). Yes, I know, the border with Gaza is supposedly 'peaceful' since Operation Cast Lead.

If you think those rockets don't do damage, think again. On Saturday night, a children's hydrotherapy center in Sderot was hit by an 'enhanced' Kassam rocket shot from Gaza. Normally, during the school year, the facility would have been full of children, because the facility is open until 10:00 pm. Fortunately, since it's summer vacation, the facility was closed. Here's a look at the damage.

Let's go to the videotape.

We were saved a major casualty count there.

We are now a little more than halfway through the year. What do you think the United States (to use one example) would do if 110 rockets had been fired at it from Mexico in the last half year? How many US citizens would have to be killed or wounded, or how many US buildings would have to be destroyed in Texas or Arizona before there was a response? What might that response be?



At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually considering that Mexican drug gangs are terrorizing the border states, murdering American citizens and attacking American border patrol and the US is doing nothing, I would assume this President would sit on his hands and go whoopsidaisy if they started using rockets. Now if we had a real commander-in-chief they would blow Mexico to kingdomcom but that is not what we got.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

OMG! I did not know this! What is the gov. doing to protect its precious citizens???? I feel so helpless.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

That's the kind of story that NEVER makes it into the headlines. We've gotten so used to hearing about Israel's "brutal siege" of Gaza, that we've forgotten southern Israel has still been under real threat every day since the end of Operation Cast Lead. Something for Ban Ki Boon, Lady Ashton and all the rest who demand Israel open its borders with Gaza take into account. Hamas is not and will never be reconciled to Israel in our own lifetime.

Yet this basic fact of life appears to be very hard for the world to grasp.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Carl, we have a feckless and clueless leader in our white house, whom is unable to come to grips with the basic premise of defending our borders, never mind our friends and their borders. That his failure in his duty as president may be now classified as epic is only dwarfed by the potential epic fail that is likely to occur within the remaining less than 30 months of his presidency.

What we should do? Protect our borders, build a fence, and interdict violaters of the border. What we do? Nothing.

We have armed Mexican gangs, and as often, armed Mexican military making incursions into Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. And we have an, at best, tepid response. Not even a newsworthy response. Heck, it happens so often now, it doesn't even rate a news story.

There is much that is broken here. Asking what we would do makes more sense if we ask what we would do if we had a real president and a real government. That this guy is bad news isn't the scariest part. That some significant fraction of the voting public elected him to this office, thats the problem. It shows we are more interested in marketing and packaging than results.

Israel should destroy Gaza. 110 is too many. 1 is too many. That point needs be made clear. Anyone leaping to gazans defenses should be charged with terrorism support, and pursued through the legal system. Enough is enough.

Your government might go for that. Ours? We defang laws that try to do this. And threaten states that badly wish to implement their own security.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

NormanF (and everyone else),

Well now you have it. Put it on your Facebook pages, retweet it, put it in the comments on the mega blogs, send it to the big blogs and get a hat tip. These things get a lot more hits when other people post them than when I toot my own horn.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

It's time for Israel to CHOKE the system of the UN and other such bodies.

Every time an attack occurs, Israel should blow up something of Hamas's...

If the attacks come from Abbas's group (still directly involved in a hugh % of terror attacks)the so be it...

Pull an "arafat" TALK PEACE PEACE PEACE but act against terror asap..

One other thing...

Israel should use ONLY artillery shells. No more expensive munitions.

Israel should not spend a fortune fighting terrorists..

If it takes a few rounds to locate and destroy a target? so be it..

and if we are lucky?

every instance will be referred to the ICC or the UN..

It's time to clog the system with so many INDEPENDENT ACTIONS that they will want to investigate it will drown them...

And if the Arabs and or the Left will not bring the cases to the ICC or the UN, Israel should do so against the Arabs.


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