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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Luxurious shopping mall opens in 'World's largest concentration camp'

Remember that video that I showed you earlier with the woman in the supermarket complaining that Gaza has lots of food but not enough infrastructure? If you don't remember it, please go back and watch it again, and then come back here. That woman's complaint is going to look a little ironic in light of this post.

On Saturday, a gleaming new shopping mall opened in the center of the 'World's largest concentration camp' in Gaza City. Tom Gross has a slew of pictures from it here - this one appeared on the front page of Sunday morning's print edition of the Jerusalem Post.

Just how luxurious is this mall? Well, it has a website, which you can find here [Link removed because of a reported virus on the mall site. Images below. CiJ] and see for yourselves.

This view kind of reminds me of the Galleria in Cambridge, Mass.:

Want to buy your kids some toys? How about this? It reminds me of the duty free shop at Ben Gurion Airport:

So why did I tell you to keep that other video in mind? Well, here's the thing: The 'Palestinians' keep telling us that they have no building materials, and therefore (non-Hamas) families whose homes were destroyed in Operation Cast Lead are still living in tents. But the truth is that they do have building materials. The question is what they are using those building materials to build. And the answer is that they are not using them to build homes for the homeless.
When Israel recently opened its crossing in the far south, militants targeted it with Qassams on behalf of the tunnel moguls, who were losing money as prices dropped. With the material Hamas garnered through those tunnels – especially cement – they now build police stations, a shopping center where Hamas employees get special privileges, and rebuild their prison. As for the wretched people who lost their homes in a war Hamas did much to provoke… it’s Israel’s fault.
Tom Gross mentions one other thing that Hamas has built with all that cement: A brand new Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Read the whole thing (and look at the pictures and videos). Your job for the rest of today is to get your local media to cover it. Because I'll bet that European foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who was in Gaza on Sunday, didn't see any of it. And many Gazan homeless are depending on you.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Carl, words stick like glue.
Remember, "the Palestinian people suffer from the daily humiliation of occupation."

...and over time you build on that theme to the point no one can see truth.

In the past decade out of the mouths of past U.S presidents and world leaders a foundation was built to support a picture proving the brutality of occupation to absolute poverty.

This picture was curiosity of friends and foes alike. Now we live with it. No one cares. This photo montage is singing to the choir. The damage is done.

The world wants to feed the mythical starving people of occupied and humiliated Gaza even when truth smacks them in the face. To demonize Jews after all is the oldest game in town. It has survived thousands of years on very clever and centered propaganda whose fuel is hate.

Even our friends who tell us in an election cycle they back Israel will turn away rather then speak the truth because of that little seed.

Following the worst intifada ever a friend came a long and whitewashed a holocaust denier and his people like no one before. He did it under the guise of friendship and that stupid BS about Israel security. He trained their security forces who marched to the nazi goosestep and the party was silent. He denied Jerusalem while continuing to sign the lease on the PLO U.S office.

The Palestinian myth was built on lies at the continued expense of Jewish lives. This myth was c be built one brick at a time while no friends in power tried to tear it down. A decade latter and house of lies is firmly in place.

At 6:08 PM, Blogger Neshama said...

You captured the emes. If blockades, bombing, and bribing with foodstuffs doesn't win them over, then maybe the sin of this golus, GASHMIUT, will cause a softening, and desire for more ... and more.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

It always begins and ends with the lie that Israel has created a "hell on earth" in Gaza. Don't look for the truth to appear in the mass media. It would undermine the lie and that's not going to be allowed to happen.I doubt the woman who holds the EU foreign portfolio knows the real truth about Gaza any more than the rest of us do.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

"I doubt the woman who holds the EU foreign portfolio knows the real truth about Gaza any more than the rest of us do."

NormanF, just joking? You are joking aren't you?

Anyway, I hear all the time about Obama and his pension for mistaken diplomacy and love of appeasement. Face it folks, if we are out of sorts with the EU, we have our past occupier of the WH to blame for that one. After all he choose the EU to serve as a quartet member of his formulated quartet for peace.

That EU be'itch' is just shoring up the lies.


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