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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

YouTube blocked in Turkey

One video after another of Monday's attack on IDF soldiers by the 'flotilla of fools' is being uploaded to YouTube. Some of you might wonder what effect that's having in Turkey, the home of many of the attackers. The answer is none. YouTube has been blocked in Turkey by court order since March 2007.

A court in Istanbul has issued an order denying access to the video-sharing website YouTube. The state owned Turk Telecom implemented the ban today after an escalating dispute between Greek and Turkish users of the site.

The court order was issued yesterday and most internet users logging onto the site in Turkey are met with a holding page with a Turkish message, which translates as: “Access to this site has been denied by court order ! …”.

Greek and Turkish YouTube users have been trading video insults over the past few months, attracting much coverage in the Turkish press. Greek videos reportedly accused the founding president of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, of homosexuality; a Turkish user responded by calling Greece the birthplace of homosexuality.

It is illegal to criticise either Ataturk or Turkishness in Turkey and the prosecutor’s office in Istanbul acted despite YouTube’s agreement to take down the offending videos.
Time to post some of those videos someplace else.