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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wedding season

Some of you may have noticed that the posts slowed down for the last couple of hours (really for longer, but I scheduled a couple). This week is part of one of two peak wedding seasons. This one runs from the day after Shavuoth (May 20 ) until the night before the fast of Shiva Asar b'Tamuz (June 28), and is the longer one.

To put things in perspective, I missed five weddings (that I know of - frequently invitations aren't distributed in our neighborhood and a notice is put up on the bulletin board in the synagogue instead) while I was away last week and the week before. I had a wedding last night, a wedding and a combined Sheva Brachoth (post-wedding celebration) and Siyum (celebration for completing a tractate of Talmud) tonight and three weddings tomorrow night. I'm skipping a Thursday night wedding out of the city because it conflicts with my weekly Torah portion class. Next week, I have weddings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Tuesday's is out of the city.

For those who wonder how I can attend so many weddings in one stretch, usually I only go for a short time. Next week, however, I will have to stay longer, and obviously tonight I did.

May we all only share joyous occasions together!


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