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Monday, June 07, 2010

Sweden to boycott Israeli cargoes

A Swedish union says that it will protest Israel's handling of the flotilla of fools by refusing to unload Israeli cargoes between June 15 and 24 - if it can find them.
Peter Annerback, a spokesman for the Swedish Port Workers Union which has around 1,500 members, said workers are urged to refuse handling of Israeli goods and ships during the June 15-24 boycott.

"If an Israeli ship would come we would just leave it be and not work on it," Annerback said of the measures.

The union supports the organization "Ship to Gaza," which took part in the flotilla headed for Gaza.

In a statement, the union said the reason for the boycott "is the unprecedented criminal attack on the peaceful ship convoy In Gaza. Several peace activists were killed by Israeli commandos and other participants were detained without any reason."

It also urged other unions and organizations to join them through similar initiatives and called for Israel to be brought to justice for the attack and that it respects international law "and that the blockade of Gaza immediately lifted."

Annerback said it was still unclear how much the boycott is expected to affect trade between the Sweden and Israel since the union still needs to identify cargos with Israeli origin.

"Right now it's not that easy to spot where it comes from so we still have a lot of detective work to do in that area," Federal Chairman Bjorn Borg said.
Maybe we should ship them some 'Palestinian' organs. Heh.


At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweden will be one of the first Eurabian countries to collapse under the yolk of Islam.

Good riddance!

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



Did I say oy?!


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