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Monday, June 07, 2010

Israel Navy thwarts major terror attack

An Israel Navy patrol boat off the Central Gaza Strip saw a group of terrorists in frogmen suits early Monday morning and opened fire on them. Four terrorists were killed and a major terror attack was averted.
Navy commandoes foiled a major terrorist attack from the Gaza coast in the pre-dawn hours Monday morning. Four armed terrorists were killed and three others were missing. Arab officials in Gaza said they were fishermen.

It is not yet known whether Hamas or a different terrorist group carried out the attempted attack on Israel, but initial reports indicate that the unit identifies with Hamas.

Navy commandos, from the same unit involved in the flotilla clash last week, spotted a squad of terrorists wearing diving suits on their way to carry out an attack. The force fired and hit the terrorists, and no casualties were reported amongst IDF forces.
An IDF spokesperson release (which I have not yet seen on Twitter) said that the terrorists were in the area of Nusseirat.


Israel Radio reported a few moments ago that the Air Force spotted three 'Palestinians' about to fire rockets into Israel and shot and hit them. No further details available at this time.


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