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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

IDF prohibits all personnel from visiting Turkey

The IDF has issued orders barring all personnel - including reservists - from visiting Turkey.
Following the provocation at sea, the IDF issued an order prohibiting travels to Turkey to all IDF personnel, soldiers and officers in compulsory service and reserve duty, whether they may be on military leave or on duty. The order is valid until further notice, out of fear for Israelis being attacked in Turkey.

The order was publicized on Sunday (June 6) via the IDF internal computer network. The Head of the Self-Defense and Security Branch in the GOC Army Headquarters Operations Directorate, Lt. Col. Amit Yusbar, says," It is very possible that violent threat towards Israelis in Turkey will occur."

Last week, the Operations Directorate sent out a message in regards to Israeli civilians, asking them to cancel any trips to Turkey for the time being until the situation is resolved. For Israeli citizens who are already in Turkey, it was recommended to stay in their homes and avoid any protests and public places.
I wonder how many Iranians will want to visit the casinos in Antalya (which for 20 years - until last week - had regular flights to Israel) to make up for all the missing Israelis.



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