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Monday, April 26, 2010

'Smart diplomacy': 60.9% of Israelis believe Obama trying to improve relations with Arabs at Israel's expense

A Shvakim Panorama (which is a relatively neutral polling company) poll shows that Israelis overwhelmingly oppose a building freeze in Jerusalem, blame President Obama for the tensions between himself and Prime Minister Netanyahu, and believe he is trying to improve the United States' relations with Arab countries at Israel's expense.
Poll carried out by Shvakim Panorama for Israel Television Channel 1 of a representative sample of adult Israelis (apparently includes Israeli Arabs) broadcast on the evening of 23 April as published in Yisrael Hayom [on Sunday]:

What do you think of the American demand to freeze construction in Jerusalem?
Support 21.8% Oppose 71.6% Don’t know/refuse reply 6.6%

Who is responsible for the tension between the USA and Israel – Obama or Netanyahu?
Obama 58.6% Netanyahu 16.2% Both 17.6% Don’t know/refuse reply 7.6%

Is Obama interested in improving relations with the Arab states at the expense of Israel?
Yes 60.9% No 26.5% Don’t know/refuse reply 12.6%
For the record, if the number of 'Israeli Arabs' in the sample size is representative of the population (20%), you can assume that 20% of the 21.8% who support the freeze are 'Israeli Arabs,' 20% of the 33.8% who blame Netanyahu or both for the tension are 'Israeli Arabs' and 20% of the 26.5% of those who believe Obama is improving relations with the Arab states at Israel's expense are 'Israeli Arabs.'

I guess that PR blitz is going really well, isn't it? Heh.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

what are the 39% thinking?


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