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Monday, April 26, 2010

The most pro-Israel country in the World

The most pro-Israel country in the World is the United States India according to a study done by Israel's foreign ministry.
According to the study, which was unprecedented in scope and was undertaken by an international market research company, 58% of Indian respondents showed sympathy to the Jewish State. The United States came in second, with 56% of American respondents sympathizing with Israel.

The study was undertaken as part of the "Branding Israel" project and aimed at looking into Israel's international stature at what researchers characterized as the world's 13 most important countries, including the US, Canada, Britain, France, China, and Russia. A total of 5,215 people took part in the study.

Other countries that showed significant sympathy to Israel included Russia (52%) Mexico (52%) and China (50%). At the bottom of the list, the study ranked Britain (34%) France (27%) and Spain (23%) as the least sympathetic countries towards Israel.
I guess no one should be too surprised that the countries that like us the least are the countries of Western Europe. They'll be Muslim in another few years.


At 10:03 PM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

Britain (34%) France (27%) and Spain (23%) as the least sympathetic countries towards Israel.

no, they are not muslim soon, they simply are brainwashed by BBC, TF1, TF2, TVE & co

At 10:20 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

That suggests a drastic reorientation of Israeli foreign policy away from an increasingly hostile Europe.

Is any one in Jerusalem paying any attention?

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Great analysis on the Indian-Israel axis and its future importance by Walter Russell Mead:


At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why india, russia and mexico?

because they experience terrorism (the first two, muslim terrorism) on a frequent basis

pretty amazing how russia has turned around since the cold war ended

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

thanks, Danny

At 1:24 AM, Blogger tuleesh said...

Not surprising at all. India has welcomed Jewish refugees through history. Especially in the Kerala coast.

Two examples are when Jews landed there after the capture of Jerusalem and destruction of both Temples. The first by Nebuchadnezzar II and then, of course the Second Temple by Titus, the Caesar Vespasian's son.

In 1948, after the re-establishment of the State of Israel, many Jews left India. But there are still several communities alive in India.

Regarding Europe, it's post-Christian there is no practice of daily prayer anymore. Much less Mass/service attendance. For the devout, especially in the Catholic faith, there are morning and evening prayers: Lauds and Vespers. These prayers are the Psalms as well as scriptures from both Testaments. So, no devotions. No reminders of the Christian Faith's roots. No reminders to be faithful to G-d and his Law, no matter what your personal situation may be.

This is sad beyond words. And in the end, dangerous for all.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger BreathOfTheMorning said...

Being a frequent flier to India, I can confirm that most of the 80-83% Hindus of India support Israel PASSIONATELY. Find proof of this on you tube videos posted mostly by Hindu-Indians. There are around 12-13% Muslims in India who hate Israel as much as the Pakistanis and Iranians do. Christians (2%) are mostly supportive, but only politically; they hate Jews when it comes to religion (unlike Hindus). India and Israel share many things in common - Islamic terror threat, democracy & individual freedom, historic presence & continuity of thousands year old traditions (pre dating Christianity & Islam), mutual respect for each other's religion & culture, etc. India is one of very few countries where Jews took shelter during ancient/ medieval times and were never persecuted there. 26/11 Mumbai attacks on Jews were Pakistani-Islamic fundamentalist attacks.

At 1:44 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

@ Breath of the morning -

What you said about Indian Christians hating Jews is absolute CRAP . Devout believers like my Grandma firmly believe that the Jews are God's " chosen people". Christianity in India is too old and too young to be coloured by European anti Semitic prejudices.


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

As an Indian Roman Catholic, Israel is a country for whom I am ready to give my life for as I would for India. The Bible clearly shows how important Israel is to the world where you are the chosen people. Jesus Christ loves you so much that it would be a sin for a Christian to dislike Israel. India-Israel relationship is very old and very deep (forget about diplomatice ties and the rest) it is centureies old. Jews have been know for many centuries in India as Yehudis and have had complete freedom.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger C said...

As a Christian from Kerala I strongly disagree with the offending comment Christians hate Israel when it comes to religion. We Christians have strong passion and love for Israel. I have never heard any Christian saying anything against Israel, most media often publish stories of Entebbe raid and Israeli military exploits to inspire us and the best of all, the Christians consider Israel as the the nation of Jesus, who was a Jew. How can they hate a Jewish nation when Jesus himself was Jew (that's the logic the European Christians should learn from us). Also you are forgetting, India is so proud of its Jewish Generals like Jacobs who won 1971 war against Pakistan.

At 7:50 AM, Blogger tush said...

Most Indian Hindus and Christians and for that matter even Sikhs are pro-Israel. We believe in Israel.

At 4:30 AM, Blogger Swordfish said...

I am christian orthodox from India and I can tell with complete certainty that Indian Christians as a whole support Israel. You must be very ignorant, how can we hate you when it is written in the bible that Jews are the 'chosen people'?

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

as an indian i support israel not just because we have a common enemy (radical islam) but because i understand and genuinely feel for the jewish people i have read quite extensively about anti-semitism and over the course of history jews have suffered numerous and unspeakable atrocities in various parts of the world and they have every right to unite and defend themselves . stay strong israel !

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Wahe Guruji ki khalsaa said...

I am Indian Hindu and active member of RSS..... modi himself along with his saffron brigade is fully pro israel .....we salute you people the struggle against the radicalism ....Our second chief of RSS Shri.Golwalkar Guruji was the first Indian thinker who openly supported state of Israel in our ore independence period.....

At 5:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely false comment on Indian Christians hating Israel.
While Most Indian Christians have a legacy of Jewishness within ourselves be it the
1) Orthodox (who are traditionally and culturally the most Jewish and observe many Jewish festivals as per their understanding).
2) Catholic (who have big acceptance of Jews and very much sorry for what their co-religionists in Europe did to Jews , Yet, they'd be the first to oppose anyone who hates Jews , they're proponents of a Nation for the Jews/Israel and Tamil Nadu state of Southern India has special facilitation for Catholics for their pilgrimage to Israel and there's also a rumour of subsidies in coming years).
3) Protestants ( My family had always been supportive of Israel and wanted peace and unity in the Holy Land ,and most Protestants are the strongest defenders of Israel as a nation).
4) Evangelicals/Charismatic :Well,they live for Israel and its known the world over,they even cross the traditional line of Christianity and even call themselves Jewish followers of Jesus and Holy Spirit ,I suppose ).

I don't support Iran not just because it executes gays , but beacuse its biased hatred for Israel which is far away from its borders ,but doesn't condemn Pakistan for its inability to save its citizens from daily bombing ,Chechnya rebels who kill more Muslims than anyone else ,or Uighers who want a separate state in China
The history of Jews in India amazes the historians, the history of Christianity in India being a non biblical zone also intrigues historians , both go hand in hand.

Now , if Pakistan (post India) ,Sudan (post Nubia) ,Saudi Arabia (post Nothing ,hehe, or say just Arabah ) can be accepted as independent nations ,my question to liberals is why not ,Israel ??? and seeing the hatred of the Entire Islamic world for Jews , I really feel bad for their crooked minds to curse and hate Jews , the people from where slam borrowed the entire concept of history and religion from.

At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

. I believe in unity and the more nations like Iran play the divisive role in the Middle East, the more unstable it becomes.Been seeing Iranian leaders since childhood with their hate speeches for Israel,it makes me laugh , as to the fake role models these ayatollahs act to portray as defenders of Islam , whenever a Muslims nation needs financial assistance,stability of jobs (in Yemen) or the recent crisis of refugees(Syria and Iraq), normalcy in governance (Libya) , for the continuous genocide of Sunnis vs Shias vs Sufi and recently the suicide bombing in Pakistan every day,none of these Islamic countries step forward to help these Muslims in need. Or oppose it , but ,they all unite against Israel , oh wow !

I'm not anti-islamic either ,I support Muslims who are sensible and kind just as humans should be .

Hindus,Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs have also been targeted for their religious beliefs in the past by Muslim invaders ,but no one condemned it .
The great Orthodox Christian genocide in 1915 by Ottoman Turks gmagainst Greek,Armenian,Maronites,Bulgarian, Romanian, Georgian,Assyrian and Syriac Orthodox Christian communities never gets global recognition , even after the massacres totalled to more than 8 million more or less human (Orthodox Christian) casualties , why ? Oh yes, because Turkey is the richest nation(by GDP) in the middle East and America doesn't want to loose an ally ? Hell yeah !

Arabia had high concentration of Jews in and around the whole land , Najran,Najaf, Bahrain,Emirates and Yemen were early Arab Christian centres until the complete destruction of them and expulsion of Jews and christians alike .But same never happened when Israel was established , no Arab or Muslism or Christian was kicked out ,there are still Arab citizens in Israel ,then why the hate with Jews or Israeli ?

India is a very liberal and a tolerant nation , and the credit here is to Hindus because they have for centuries let people of every faith live and practice example ,Bahais (chased from Iran) , Zoroastrians (exiled from Iran) , Ahmadi (disliked the world over) all have been accepted by the majority Hindus .
You won't see any Hindu shoot or bomb churches in India whereas ,the co-religionists of Christians (Muslims) are busy bombing and beheading ancient Christian communities in Iraq ,Syria ,Yemen etc.
.They're the torch bearers of Freedom and Kindness.
Even during ,times when Jews needed them ,the Hindus have helped them , when Afghani Christians were tortured in their native Afghanistan ,India accepted some 10 thousand Afghani Christians but nobody talks about it ? Why because we are considered as Third world nation in the West , The West which for hundreds of years massacred people with Witch Hunts ,Race , and all crap.

And BTW ,I'm definitely an Athiest but I do believe in the rich principles of Jesus as a great teacher of humanity if not a religion !

So yeah ,I don't hate Israel at all ,but I'm not sure of Iranian regimes (im laughing now deep within) and Millions of Christians and a new number of Muslim are supportive to Israel in India .

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hey ,admin Correct your Facts .Almost all Indians are Pro-Israel..I am saying all because Muslims are not Indians .They are Invaders & are gonna be kicked out from here soon ..

At 6:26 PM, Blogger unknown said...

india is girlfriend of Israel. israelies have two homes. their homeland and india as well. after few years greater india will share its borders with greater israel. Every thing will be alright at that time.

At 6:27 PM, Blogger unknown said...

india is girlfriend of Israel. israelies have two homes. their homeland and india as well. after few years greater india will share its borders with greater israel. Every thing will be alright at that time.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger unknown said...

india is girlfriend of Israel. israelies have two homes. their homeland and india as well. after few years greater india will share its borders with greater israel. Every thing will be alright at that time.


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