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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obama accuses Israel of 'damaging the peace process'

President Obama's State Department lashed out at Israel on Tuesday for announcing a plan to build four residential buildings for 24 families on a vacant private plot of land on the Mount of Olives, adjacent to the Beit Orot yeshiva. According to 'Peace Now,' the land is owned by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz.
"We have noted that these types of announcements and activity harm peace efforts," a US State Department official told The Jerusalem Post.

Still, the harsh response was more measured than several previous US criticisms of plans to build in east Jerusalem.

The official added, "We believe it is important to resume negotiations between the parties in order to resolve all permanent-status issues, including Jerusalem."
It goes without saying that the 'Palestinians' also condemned the announcement.

But apparently, this project was approved a long time ago, and it's just that construction permits are now being issued.
Stephan Miller, spokesman for Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, downplayed the significance of the Mount of Olives decision. He told The Jerusalem Post that residential zoning for this area was approved in 1990, so Monday's decision was "nothing new."

The approval of projects such as this, Miller said, was a normal move in the life of a growing city such as Jerusalem. He added that the land was privately owned.

Another municipal spokesmen added that this specific plan had received its first approvals in 2003, but that construction was only authorized now. The decision was a professional one that was made based on the technical merits of the project, he said.

Both spokesmen declined to clarify if the apartment units would house Palestinians or Jews.
Heck, I'll go and protest if it houses 'Palestinians.'

The bottom line to this story is in legislation that is being brought to the Knesset to set up a special authority to manage the Mount of Olives.
"The Mount of Olives is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world," the MKs wrote in their introduction to the proposed legislation. "It has been a national site for the Jewish people since the days of the First Temple and, in addition to serving as a preeminent historical site of great importance to the Jewish people, it is a holy site."

The authority would work to develop, restore and protect the Mount of Olives cemetery, and would coordinate among the many public and charitable bodies that perform services connected to the site.
One thing ought to be clear: After what happened the last time the Arabs got their grubby hands on the Mount of Olives, there's little chance any government in Israel will ever be in a position to allow it to happen again.


At 5:04 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

But it helps the "peace process" to claim the dead sea scrolls as "palestinian"

But it helps the peace process in not recognizing Israel as a Jewish State

But it helps the peace process in naming stadiums after suicide bombers?

But it helps the peace process in supporting members of fatah that murder israelis?

Dear Mr Obama...

you are a joke...

At 5:53 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Obama Administration keeps putting nails in the coffin of the peace process. It seems to think that lashing out at Israel is going to bring it back to life. They couldn't be more wrong about it.

What could go wrong indeed


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