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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another Leftist that needs to be replaced in Israel's foreign service

I started reading this article and within two paragraphs came to the conclusion that it had to have been penned by someone from Israel's delusional left. It was. The problem is that the writer is Israel's consul general in San Francisco.
Considering the fundamental points of agreement between us, it is frustrating that for the better part of a year we have not managed to sit down and move forward toward peace:

-- We both believe that Israel and a Palestinian state should live alongside each other in peace, security and economic well-being.

-- We both understand that the best future for our children requires that we make painful concessions to accommodate each other's essential national aims.

-- Israel and the Palestinian Authority both face the emergence of radical regimes in our region - Hamas, Hezbollah and a nuclear-ascendant Iran - none of whom wish either of us well.

Our mutual interest requires that we be deeply engaged in achieving peace, and yet instead we are deeply disengaged.
Perhaps it's his distance from Jerusalem that gives him such delusions, but it is important to point out that the 'Palestinians' do not believe that we should live alongside each other in peace, security and economic well-being; that the 'Palestinians' do not understand the necessity for 'painful concessions,' and we keep ensuring that they will never understand it by going ahead with the farce of a 'peace process' in which we concede and they demand that we concede more; and that the 'Palestinians' believe that Hamas has emerged because Fatah was too crooked and not radical enough, and that the solution to those problems is to be more honest and more radical.

Tor goes on to say that we want to make the 'Palestinians' part of the World's first electronic car grid. Is that what the 'Palestinians' really want? If we believe that, we are fools.

Read the whole thing.

I have discussed the infestation of Israel's foreign service corps with Leftists on many occasions, most recently here and here. And yes, he's a Livni holdover.


At 7:05 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I think Akiva Tor has been away from home too long. The Palestinians do NOT want peace with Israel. They want to eliminate it. Yet quite a few Jews keep clinging to the fantasy peace is possible if they are nice to the other side. But the other side rejects Jewish overtures. Tor doesn't really get it - and needs to be replaced soon, for Israel's sake.


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