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Friday, August 07, 2009

The 1929 Hebron massacre

This Sabbath, the 18th day of the Jewish month of Av, is the 80th anniversary of the massacre of 69 Jews in the city of Hebron. Earlier this week, I blogged a story of how Yosef Lazorofsky, one of the last survivors of the massacre, attempted to be recognized as a terror victim 80 years after the fact.

You can learn much more about Lazorofsky - and what happened in Hebron on that bloody Sabbath 80 years ago - by going here. (The link is a pdf - we actually have the magazine at home but I have not yet been able to tear it away from Mrs. Carl and the two daughters who are at home long enough to read it).

In the picture below, Lazorofsky is the second one from the left.


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