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Monday, June 15, 2009

A world without a superpower

Regarding what's going on in Iran, Dave Price has nailed why the world is sitting on its hands and not doing anything (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
But with the passing of power from George W. Bush’s hands, the mullahs now have little to fear. The only enemies willing to fight them are largely unarmed, unorganized, unable to seize their moment without assistance that isn’t coming. The result is entirely predictable.
Commenter CuriousConservative points out that there is one power that might be willing to do something. But the Obama administration is preventing it from acting.
You are leaving out that the only power in the region able to fight Iran is being actively beaten down by Obama’s administration at this time.


When Israel launches their proactive attack and Obama throws them under the bus, it’s gonna be touch and go in the Middle East, with the nuclear specter hovering over the whole area.
Indeed. The mullahs feel free to beat up on ordinary Iranians because they know that there is no power that is willing to take it upon itself to stop them. Even after the stolen election, the Obama administration continues to talk about 'engaging' Iran, showing a total lack of ... well, you know what.

Hot Air reports that Iranian students told CNN on Sunday that they are 'doomed' if the US accepts the results of Iran's election. Allah P. believes that unfortunately the students' hope for support from the Obama administration is unrealistic.
I’m sure we’ll get some patented Hopenchange drivel tomorrow about “grave concerns,” etc, but if Iran’s kids are expecting The One to walk away from nuke negotiations in protest of the coup, they’re kidding themselves. For one thing, that’s something Bush would do, and of course Bush was never, evah right. For another, if Obama walks away then he’s essentially betting all his chips on a full-blown counterrevolution to erupt and topple the regime. If it doesn’t, or if it’s put down a la Tiananmen Square, Khamenei et al. will be in no mood to forgive and forget. Which means it’s either war to take out Iran’s nuke infrastructure or learn to stop worrying and love the Iranian bomb. Israelis are learning already!
The United States used to be a superpower. In just five months of this administration's presence in office, that superpower status has been castrated, and the United States has been shown to be unwilling to stand up for what it (ostensibly) believes in.

A world without a superpower to act as the policeman is a dangerous place. Seventy years ago, with the United States taking an isolationist tack, the Nazis rose to power, and millions died.

Read the whole thing. This one too.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

US liberals believe in a multipolar world, with several powers maintaining a balance of terror on the planet. That's quite difference from the old Pax Americana. Politics like Nature, abhors a vacuum. Who will replace the US? That's a question already being asked around the world.

Hopenchange, anyone?


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