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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When Iran goes nuclear

This is one of the first attempts I have seen to speculate as to how the world will change when (since it's no longer regarded as "if") Iran goes nuclear. While I'm afraid that the author is mistaken about 'mutually assured destruction' keeping Iran from attacking Israel, I thought this quote was spot-on.
At this advanced stage of Iran's nuclear activities, it is difficult to assess the implications of Iran going nuclear in isolation from the last effort to stop it. Will that be only a failed US negotiation effort or military action as well? As the US has signaled its distaste for military force and has given Israel a clear red light in this regard, the likely scenario at present is that this will come in the wake of a long, drawn-out and failed US attempt to engage Iran. After assuming the role of the major external player facing Iran, then abandoning both economic and military pressure, it will be primarily US President Barack Obama's failure when Iran ultimately goes nuclear. The US will be exposed globally as weak and ineffective, with an unsophisticated approach to negotiations.

And Obama's probable reaction once it is clear that Iran has become a nuclear state? Additional attempts to negotiate, no doubt--with Iran poised to get the best deal yet, at the expense of all.
Sad but true. The Obumbler is making the US into a paper tiger.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Since the US is a paper tiger, what should Israel's response be?

No We Can't



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