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Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations to Japan's Departures

I'd like to thank Japan's Departures on winning the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and sparing us having the anti-Israel Waltz with Bashir be Israel's first academy award. The only cloud in the silver lining is that I will probably lose a few hundred Google hits today from people searching for "Waltz, Bashir, Israel." It's well worth it.
"This is a new departure for me," director Yojiro Takita said while accepting the award. "And we'll be back, I hope."

Departures is about a cellist whose orchestra is disbanded and, desperate for work, becomes a funeral professional.

The win for the less heralded Departures was likely to further frustrate critics of the foreign-language film category, which in recent years has gone without nominating several much acclaimed films.
Why can't we produce more pro-Israel culture like the Teapacks?

Now, if only we can get Sandra Bernhard to stay home....


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