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Monday, November 24, 2008

Condi Clueless blames Israel for Annapolis failure

US Secretary of State Condi Clueless said on Sunday night that the reason there is no 'peace agreement' between Israel and the 'Palestinians' is the 'political turmoil' in Israel.
"Even though there was not an agreement by the end of the year, it is really largely because of the political situation in Israel," Rice told reporters.
Of course. The fact that the 'Palestinians' have never made a concession on any issue, the fact that the 'Palestinians' are divided between Fatah and Hamas and the fact that the 'Palestinians' have no interest in peace and co-existence all have nothing to do with it.

They don't call her Condi Clueless for nothing.


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Kae Gregory said...

I have to take issue (a bit). Condi has a point, in my opinion. Israel is, and has always been, the only party to any agreement who would have been believed to live up to their end of the agreement. It was, and is, a foregone conclusion that any agreement that the Palestinians entered into was subject to change without notice - and who could be instantly forgiven for this peculiararity of perspective. The peace process has only ever been concerned with reaching an agreement with(receiving concessions from)ONE party.

At 2:48 AM, Blogger DemoCaster said...

New Year's Prediction:

Who's willing to bet me that of all the infinite possiblities in Hashem's universe- despite her years of assured objectivity in her planning custodianship of the holiest sites of the G-d of Israel, Condi's next job will not involve reciprocation for favors to Muslim business (or philanthropic) interests?

Any takers?

Read all about the significance of the Holy Land Foundation trial verdict today - on DemoCast (hoping for your votes for Best Video Blog).


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