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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brilliant weblog?

My Spanish is non-existent, but someone left me a comment that pointed me to a post that apparently has given me an award of some sort as a "brilliant weblog." I ran the post through a Spanish-to-English online translation and this is what I got:
Ntre yesterday and today we receive one… two… three prizes Brilliant Weblog granted by Martha Apiaries, Arcangel Vulcan and Liberty of Expresion. Thanks by the beautiful recognition.

These are the rules of the prize:

Upon receiving the prize, a post should be written showing the prize and the name of the blog should be cited or web that offers him you and to bind it to the post of that blog or web that winner names you.

• To Elect a minimum of seven blogs (they can be more) that you create that they shine for their subject matter and/or their design, to offer them the prize to your time. Writing their names and the links to them in your blog.

• To Notify them that they have been rewarded with the prize "Brilliant Weblog", including in the text the Bases of the contest, so that they continue the network. *Optional. Exhibiting the prize with pride in your blog doing link to the post that you write on him. (Itself enclosed the logo of the prize).

These they are the blogs to the ones that I offer the prize Brilliant Weblog:

Since this side of the trench


Israel Matzav


The Confidential one of Guinea Equatorial

From Homeland


In search of the harmony of the soul

Blog of Jesus Salamanca


Serjão comments gave céu

Nose Gelado

Position Ativa

endireitar org


Safed Tzfat

Feeling to fight to conquer... we are able

Photos of Chávez

Daily reflections

While you are here

Under the Light of the Day Published by Katya in 21:50
As to me naming seven blogs.... Not today.... But thanks for the honor!


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Cool--and no question mark needed!--but no surprise that you're appreciated by pro-Israel blogs from around the world.

I've found some good blogs by these types of blog linking prize thingees. I'm not familiar w/the Venezuelan blog that gave you the award, but thanks to you have bookmarked it.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Leora said...

You have been awarded this before. When you get a chance, please read:
you are down at the bottom, the only political blogger

and then

Batya listed you, too!


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