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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The most effective prayers

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It is common knowledge among Jerusalemites that the most effective way of having your prayer request answered is to go to the Western Wall and pray for forty consecutive days for that request. While nothing is guaranteed in life (I can't promise you that your prayer will be answered "yes" since God can always say "no"), praying at the Western Wall for forty consecutive days gives you the best chance of having your prayers answered.

Until now, this most effective means of prayer was limited to Jerusalemites or those who had a friend in Jerusalem who was willing to do them a very large favor. Having gone to the Western Wall to pray myself for forty consecutive days, I can tell you that it's a big undertaking, and is virtually impossible for people who are not in the city every day. But now, Western Wall Prayers, brings praying at the Western Wall home to you wherever you are.

For a small fee, Western Wall Prayers will send a dedicated person to the Western Wall for forty consecutive days and make your prayer request. The money that you send them will go to help feed poor Jewish families in Jerusalem. I can testify that there are many Jewish families in Jerusalem who live in astounding poverty, and donating money to help them out would be one of the biggest mitzvoth (good deeds) you could possibly do.

Are you or a friend or relative seeking to find a mate and having trouble doing so? Are you or a friend or relative having trouble conceiving a child? Are you or a friend or relative in financial trouble like unemployment or debt? Are you or a friend or relative trying to fight off a serious illness, God forbid? These are the kinds of requests that Western Wall Prayers gets every day. So click on the link and you will be on your way to the most effective prayers possible.

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At 6:25 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Prayers always go up to Heaven. But nowhere more so at the Kotel, where the Schechina, the Divine Presence, still resides. Its true G-d hears the petition of every Jew and may the Gates Of Mercy never be closed.


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