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Friday, April 04, 2008

German news agency paying 'Palestinians' to riot

The mukhtar (leader) of the mostly 'Palestinian' village of Silwan, just east of Jerusalem's Old City, says that a German news agency pays 'youths' in his village to riot.

The City of David (Ir David) organization has purchased several properties in Silwan, also known as Shiloach due to the Temple-era spring located in the valley. In addition to the vast archeological and tourist sites currently located there, excavations are ongoing – though they are often disrupted by groups of Arabs and left-wing Jews who have claimed that they are disturbing the lives of local Arabs.

Hussein Siyam, the Mukhtar of Silwan, is the tribal leader of the two largest clans in the valley to the east of Jerusalem’s Old City. He says that he has been involved in negotiations with Ir David since the beginning. “Anyone who tells you that there is new digging going on below the houses is lying,” he said. “The dig existed already and they are just cleaning it out.”

He blames two entities for the disturbances. “The Committee for the Protection of Property in Silwan is a group that gets money from Arab states and the Palestinian Authority,” said. “And so, it is interested in spending that money on conflict.”

The second source is more nefarious. “A German news company recruits activists here and gives them money to make problems in order to report on them,” he claimed.
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