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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saudis threaten to withdraw 'peace offer'

I don't know whether to laugh at this or ignore it. 'Our friends the Saudis' are threatening to withdraw their 'peace initiative' in which they have offered 'full recognition' of Israel (but not diplomatic relations - contrary to what the al-AP article quoted below implies) in return for Israel returning to the pre-1967 Auschwitz borders and allowing the country to be flooded with 'Palestinian refugees' that will make it into another Arab state. Unless, of course, Israel accepts it immediately. Note al-AP's bias in the article (highlighted)
Arab officials are warning they could withdraw their landmark offer of peace and full ties with Israel in exchange for a return of Arab lands, unless Israel explicitly accepts the initiative.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, whose country sponsored the Arab peace initiative, adopted by Arab nations in 2002, warned Thursday that "despair would force us to review these options," including withdrawing the proposal.

He accused Israel of "sabotaging" the initiative, which is now "facing grave danger."
Let them 'review' it. It's meaningless anyway.


At 10:41 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Or cheer (after laughing, contemptuously)...better they abandon what we knew was pretense, thus removing some of the pressure behind the US pretense of the Annapolis obsession.

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Carl, your expression of quandery
is precisely my reaction.I have been feeling the last few days , the Saudis are feeling bolder, especially, since they have at least helped pull off the Kosovo 'caper.'For them, they have now instituted a Muslim country in the middle of Europe and given Russia a real hit.Their relationship with Russia, or the Soviets is never mentioned.I know, for a fact,their
hate for the Soviets/Russians may be greater than that for the Zionists.A look on the map can show how advantageous Kosovo could be for their goals of infiltrating Europe and .
I, also, agree with Orde, I just wonder what the Saudis' plan is,
and how this pressure on Israel fits?They support Hamas and terrorists groups.They are meeting with Iran.Hamas has infiltrated the Sinai.
They are receiving, or are about to
receive $20B worth of some of the most sophisticated arms from the US; they are buying what they can in the US from houses to corporations. Sharia Law is infiltrating the US financial systems.They have established mosques and schools and the Wahabist curricula,and the Jihadists are converting many US prisoners.
Bandar is being investigated and sued in the US.Oil is going up without any hindrances. Fox, the WSJ, and CNN have the Saudi prince significantly invested in them.It makes you wonder, exactly what is being planned? In addition, the global markets and financial sectors are
seemingly, on the ropes.We are closer to the precipice than we have been in a long time.The West doesn't appear to know its enemy, and the Saudis have free reign.
It's unbelievable.
What is Rice telling Olmert in Japan? This is a Peace Plan for dummies,and delusional and suicidal individuals.
Caroline Glick has a good column on the warning that is Kosovo.

At 6:11 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Saudi initiative would offer Israel limited recognition after Israel is no longer around. If the Arabs were really interested in peace with Israel, they would reach out to Israel as Anwar Sadat did. The fact they're not willing to tear down the iron wall of non-contact they have imposed between themselves and Israel means any talk of peace feelers from them should be treated with extreme skepticism.

After all, if you want peace, then prove through deeds that you mean it. As the old saying has it, "talk is cheap."

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

You are absolutely right, and the Saudis said this from the beginning.
Why the Israeli leaders permitted themselves to go down this path, regardless of pressure from the US, is beyond me.What no one wants to admit is Israel is the frontline for all Western, democratic, sovereign nations.Everytime Israel capitulates,especially under US pressure, it sets a precedent that endangers all sovereign democratic
Western nations.


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