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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Haaretz does feature on leftist British Rabbi in Weblog Awards; Ignores four Israeli blogs

HaAretz, Israel's Hebrew 'Palestinian' daily, has done a feature about a leftist British Rabbi whose blog is a finalist for a Weblog Award while ignoring at least four Israeli bloggers - all right wingers - who are also in the competition.
Prominent British Jewish stand-up comedian and rapper MC Rebbe was named a finalist in the world's largest blog competition this week, with winners to be announced Thursday. MC Rebbe said his was the only blog with a purely Jewish focus to reach the finals in the competition's Culture Blog category, out of nearly 4,000 short-listed entries.
Haaretz finds MC Rebbe attractive because
Asked his opinion on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he said "I would happily perform alongside Palestinian comedians. Anything that breaks down barriers and gets people from either side of the divide interacting with each other."
The rest of us are not so Multi Culti.

The blogs Haaretz ignores include Mother in Israel and Treppenwitz in the Best Middle East and Africa Blog, Random Thoughts in the Best of the Top 2501 - 3500 Blogs, and yours truly (Israel Matzav) in the Best of the Top 251-500 Blogs.


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