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Monday, October 22, 2007

US demands Abu Mazen appoint murderer of Americans as his deputy

If this story had come from the National Enquirer, I would be able to discount it. Coming from Khaled Abu Toameh, the Post writer with his ear closest to the ground among the 'Palestinians' it cannot be discounted. But it's incomprehensible.

Abu Toameh reports this morning that the United States has demanded that 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen appoint Muhammed Dahlan (pictured, top left) as his deputy. Abu Mazen is 'resisting' the demand because much of Fatah holds Dahlan, who was out of the country at the time, responsible for the collapse of Fatah's forces in Gaza and the subsequent takeover of the Strip by Hamas back in June. That's not why this appointment is incomprehensible. This appointment is incomprehensible because Dahlan is widely regarded as responsible for the murder of three American consular officers in an ambush in the Gaza Strip on October 15. 2003. What's worse, Dahlan's appointment is meant to lay the groundwork for Dahlan to take over as the head of the 'Palestinian Authority' after Abu Mazen's 'retirement.'

For those who have forgotten, here's part of what I posted one week ago today on the fourth anniversary of the murder of John Branchizio, Mark Parson, and John Linde in the Gaza Strip:
Who murdered John Branchizio, Mark Parson, and John Marin Linde? This was written two months after the murders:
Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner has written to United States Attorney General John Ashcroft alerting him to the fact the Palestinian Security Service commander assigned to investigate the October bombing attack on American personnel in Gaza was very likely the terrorist who planned it.

Gaza Commander Col. Rashid Abu Shabak's has been entrusted by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation with hunting down the terrorist cell responsible for the October 15, 2003 bombing which left three Americans dead.

The three Americans, John Branchizio, 37, of Texas, John Linde Jr., 30, of Missouri, and Mark Parsons, 31, of New Jersey, were security personnel guarding a convoy of diplomatic vehicles which was attacked by Palestinian Arab terrorists who detonated a powerful roadside bomb at the Beit Hanoun junction in Gaza. The Americans were visiting Gaza to interview candidates for Fulbright scholarships.

Darshan-Leitner's letter accuses the Palestinian commander of being the mastermind behind numerous terror attacks perpetrated by Yasser Arafat's Fatah organization in Gaza. Shurat HaDin urges the Department of Justice to investigate Abu Shabak's involvement in prior roadside bombings.

Not surprisingly, there have been no arrests made by the Palestinians in the current investigation.

According to the Shurat HaDin letter, Abu Shabak, a protege of Palestinian leader Mohammed Dahlan, has an extensive terrorist past. Abu Shabak, along with Dahlan are the leading suspects in several other Gaza terror attacks.


In her letter, Darshan-Leitner writes: "It is a disgraceful that the individual assigned by the Palestinian Authority to investigate the murders of Branchizio, Linde and Parsons is himself a leading terrorist suspected of numerous other roadside bombings in Gaza. If the United States is sincere about making arrests then it must not tolerate Rashid Abu Shabak heading up this crucial inquiry. The similarities between the October 15th roadside bombing and the roadside bombing of the Kfar Darom school bus in November 2000 cannot be ignored. We urge the Department of Justice to initiate its own investigation of Abu Shabak and his role in prior Gaza terror attacks, some of which have seriously injured American citizens."
Dahlan and Abu Shbak were responsible for the roadside bombing of the Kfar Darom school bus - follow the link above.

Dahlan was also the commander of Force 17 (after Israel arrested convicted murderer Mahmoud Damra, who was Abu Mazen's first choice to head Force 17), which was allegedly recently disbanded by Abu Mazen. Force 17 carried out many terror attacks against Israel and has repeatedly threatened that any weapons that come into its hands will be used against Israel.

Just to complete the circle of insanity that currently passes as American foreign policy, YNet reports that Abu Mazen spoke today in Jakarta, where he assured his listeners that there will be a 'solution' to the 'Middle East crisis' by the end of 2008, and that Fatah will reconcile with Hamas.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed confidence Monday a solution would be found to the Middle East crisis before the end of 2008. He also stressed the importance of reconciliation with Hamas.
Has George Bush ceded the White House to his father? Has Rice morphed into Brent Scowcroft and James 'F**k the Jews they don't vote for us anyway' Baker? Inquiring minds want to know.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger J. Lichty said...

Not surprising. Recall this account from a 2003 tounge bath by Bush of Abbas and Dahlan.


After that meeting, Bush turned to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and said, "We have a problem with Sharon I can see, but I like that young man [Dahlan] and I think their prime minister is incapable of lying. I hope that they will be successful. We can work with them."

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

We (Americans) are totally out of our minds about this stuff. Why do the Israelis listen to us? I can't help thinking independence from America would be in Israel's best interests.

And yet, it just boggles my mind, there are people here in the U.S. who drone on about the "Israel Lobby" and how America "lets" Israel do whatever it wants, doesn't pressure it to make concessions, is an enabler of Israeli hawks, etc. What world are these people living in?


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