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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amnesty: Hamas and Fatah torture are mirror images

Al-Jazeera reports on the release of an Amnesty report on torture in Hamas and Fatah's respective domains. Here's the key part:
Speaking to Al Jazeera, Donatella Rovera, author of the report, said Hamas forces were now conducting a clampdown on Fatah supporters and anyone else critical of them in the Gaza Strip.

However, she said: "What we're finding in the West Bank is pretty much a mirror image, even though it is much less reported.

"People find it surprising, what's happening in Gaza. But it's as if the international community doesn't want to see what's happening in the West Bank."
Two observations: First, the 'international community' really doesn't want to see what's happening in the 'West Bank' because that would spoil the illusion that Fatah is any different from Hamas. Don't expect much comment from Condi on this report.

Second, I'm kind of glad they're doing it to each other, because if they weren't they'd be doing it to the Jews instead.


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