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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Palestinians' using police car paraphernalia to smuggle

The 'Palestinians' have been outfitting passenger vans with police car types of paraphernalia - sirens, antennae and the like - in order to use them to avoid checkpoints while smuggling people into Israel who have no clearance to be here. The method could have been used to smuggle terrorists. No one really knows for sure.
Palestinians from east Jerusalem managed to smuggle 40 illegal workers into Israel by installing police car flashers, antennas and sirens on their commercial vehicles.

Soldiers manning IDF checkpoints on the smugglers route mistook the vans for Israeli security vehicles and allowed them to pass through.

The method was exposed early Tuesday when two vehicles carrying illegal workers were pulled over by police near a checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley.

Using the loudspeaker, one of the van's drivers called on four Shai District police officers to move to the side of the road. The officers let the vehicles pass, but then ran a check to see who the vans belonged to.

Upon learning that one of the vehicle owners was an east Jerusalem resident and another was wanted for questioning, the officers notified the Beit She'an police station, which proceeded to dispatch officers to pull the vans over.

Twenty illegal workers were found in each vehicle.
Please note that most 'Palestinians' from 'east Jerusalem' have Israeli citizenship and are able to take advantage of Israeli government services and benefits.

But just give them a state reichlet and they'll stop behaving this way.


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