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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Missiles, Mullahs and Mirrors

A thought-provoking post from Sigmund, Carl and Alfred.
Mahmoud Ahmadenijad’s threat of unleashing the missiles upon Israel and American forces and interests in Iraq- only if attacked, of course- is no more a gesture of Iran’s inherent ‘reasonableness’ than were Adolph Hitler’s displays of affection for his dog- and it is important that we understand that. While the evil and ugly Nazi regime is gone, the self professed heirs apparent to those dreams are now suggesting that their ‘reasonableness’ merits us allowing them an honored seat at the table of civilized nations, notwithstanding their hate, bigotry and racism. The Iranians are shrewdly playing to an audience that finds even necessary confrontation and self defense repugnant.

Iran relies on the denialists and psychopaths in free nations for whom blatant antisemitism, Holocaust denial and promises of ‘We will finish what Hitler started,’ are not enough to disqualify those purveyors of hate and bigotry from being portrayed as ‘helpless victims,’ or ‘misunderstood.’ In fact, all that is necessary for these moral degenerates to remain worthy of leftist love is to adopt an anti American, anti Israel and anti Semitic postures and all will be forgiven. The persecution and oppression of their own populations, the denigrations of women and children and the support of terror can all be overlooked and forgiven as long as the hate is ‘correctly’ focused.

When all is said and done, that is why the left cares little for the Darfurese. As long as the Bashir government and Arab Janjaweed are sufficiently anti American and anti democracy, the butcher, rape and slaughter can continue. The two million dead in Sudan over the last two decades are irrelevant.

When Israel was founded in 1948, that nation was the darling of the left. Many of that country’s founders were communists and socialists (that is why the first nation to cast an affirmative ballot in the UN vote for the partition of Palestine was the Soviet Union. They fully expected that Israel would be an important Soviet asset in the Middle East). When the rubber met the road however, the Israelis proved that once given a choice, people will always choose freedom over tyranny. The left was stung and hasn’t gotten over their bitter disappointment. Leftist support for Israel eroded and became real hate for the Jewish state that dared embrace real democratic values. This lesson hasn’t been lost by the Palestinians. Were they to adopt a truly democratic and pluralistic ideology, the left would drop them in a minute.


In Mahmoud Ahmadenijajad’s psychopathic mind, it is perfectly reasonable that he be allowed a nuclear power program (that has been hidden, lied about and denied) and to enrich uranium, continue to threaten Israel and the west. That there are those who believe we can ‘negotiate’ with the mullahs is as absurd as celebrating Neville Chamberlain’s silly announcement that all would be well in Europe as he waved a piece of paper for the media ‘upon which is Herr Hitler’s signature.’

Indeed. Chamberlain’s appeasement, his ‘diplomatic success,’ was to result in an entire continent thrust into darkness for a generation, and a world that sacrificed some of the best they had to offer. Those who believe that evil can be dealt with, rationalized with or bargained with, have learned little from history. There are no examples of regimes being ‘talked out of’ their evil or hate. In fact, as a rule, the less we had to do with regimes for whom bigotry, racism and hate were their calling card, the sooner those evil regimes dissipated into nothingness.

There are those who will regard regard Mahmoud Ahmadenijad as a ’statesman’ and ‘diplomat.’ These are the same people regard him a legitimate leader and the leader of a nation that is a moral equal to our own and other free western nations. So what if he wants to wipe some nations off the map? So what if he demands we change our policies so that they are more in line and understanding with his own policies of repression, bigotry and hate of Jews Baha’i and Zoroastrians, for starters. So what if he oversees brigades of volunteers that threaten suicide bombings that target Americans and Israelis?

Once more, Dr Sanity:

As psychological defense mechanisms go, displacement is a nice neurotic one that–for the user anyway–keeps all that distressing psychological conflict at bay. The rest of us, however, must continue to live and deal with the reality they are denying.

The image that comes to mind is that of a lifeguard attempting to rescue a drowning person; but the person drowning is so frightened and irrational as they hysterically thrash about that they end up thwarting all attempts to save them; and, even worse, their hysteria threatens to drag their rescuer down to the depths with them.

Recently, the Arab League refused an invitation to a peace summit in Israel, after supposedly extending a hand in peace to that beleaguered nation, ‘with no preconditions.’

They demanded that before they would even consider regional peace talks, Israel comply with all the demands made by the Arab League and Saudi Initiative- the initiative with ‘no preconditions.’ In the same week, Arab world television and media broadcast the regularly scheduled and requisite antisemitic and anti American bigotry and hate.

Read the whole thing.


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