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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something's afoot

Yesterday, I posted regarding a series of arrests that have taken place in Judea and Samaria that stem back to the disengagement surrender and expulsion of Jews from Gaza last summer, and in some cases even further. Yoni the Blogger thinks that there's something sinister afoot:

Hat Tip: Shumbayaamylord
I think the timing and a reason for these arrests is that something a foot in the Olmert government.

We must understand that the rockets from first Gaza and later Lebanon taught the cowards, scum and traitors in the Knesset nothing. They will move ahead with their dream of taking the heartland of Biblical Israel and making it Jew free.
I think there's more to it than that. In a comment made on my blog yesterday, Westbankmama noted with concern that some of the religious detainees from Samaria were being sent to 'house arrest' in non-religious villages in the Jericho area. She raised the possibility that the government is trying to 're-educate' them, as is often done in Communist countries. And Shumbayaamylord himself sees a connection between the arrests and my post last night regarding the 'Palestinian unity government:'
In other words, Olmert/Livni are "cleaning up" Yehuda/Shomron as a way of creating the diplomatic "credibility space" for an Israeli government offer of EU policing in those areas and Gaza. This is intended to be proposed as an interim step on the way to an independent "Palestinian" reichlet--a reichlet under the auspices of the Haniyeh-Abbas "national unity" government that the TNDC (Toxically Narcissistic Delusional Incompetents, a.k.a. Kadima/Labor)so desperately wishes to believe in.
This morning, there is another story that suggests that Yoni and my commenters are correct. Haaretz is reporting this morning that the European Union has decided to use the figleaf of the 'Palestinian national unity government' as an excuse for dropping out of the Western boycott of the 'Palestinian Authority'. The story is based on 'Palestinian' sources, but they are named 'Palestinian' sources and not anonymous ones, and there is more than one, both of which, in my eyes at least, give it some credibility:
European states have signaled to the Hamas government that they intend to lift the economic embargo on the Palestinian Authority once a national unity government is established, according to Ahmed Yusef, political adviser to Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

"The European states have promised to reconsider their stance regarding the boycott of the Palestinian government. Following the war in Lebanon there is greater understanding in Europe that they must present a more balanced stance regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict," Yusef said in an interview with Haaretz on Tuesday.

Palestinian Labor Minister Mohammed Barghouti said Tuesday in an interview with the East Jerusalem daily Al-Quds that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas received assurances from the European Union and Arab states that they would cooperate with a national unity government headed by Haniyeh.

"If they [the international community] do not cooperate with the new government, which will represent the entire Palestinian nation, the people will have to reconsider the existence of the Palestinian Authority," Barghouti said.


Yusef says there is no mention of recognition for Israel in the unity government's political platform.

"Recognition and other political issues will be part of the negotiations Abbas will hold. We have granted him full legitimacy to negotiate on behalf of the entire Palestinian people. If he can achieve a diplomatic solution, his plan will be presented before the Palestinian institutions, such as the government and the parliament, and they will need to authorize his proposal. The Arab initiative and the previous UN resolutions will be part of the government's future political agenda."
Read the whole thing.


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