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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Netanya residents told to prepare bomb shelters

Harvey in Efrat emailed to tell me that the residents of Netanya have been told to prepare bomb shelters tonight, and that all entertainment in the city is being shut down as of 10:00 PM - about twenty minutes ago. Harvey is basing this upon his IDF source.

Netanya is about halfway between Haifa and Tel Aviv. It is further south than Hadera, which I mentioned earlier today.

Harvey also informs me that trains and busses are stopping service in and out of Haifa as of 10:30 tonight, that all summer camps in Haifa are cancelled tomorrow, and that bomb shelters that have not been used in over 50 years are now being re opened in Haifa by emergency personnel.

My almost 18-year old son spoke to one of his classmates in Haifa, who told him that they are preparing a shelter tonight, and that they are without electricity.

The funerals of the Jews killed by Katyushas today in Nahariya and Tsfat (Safed) are to be held in the middle of the night, as opposed to being held in daylight tomorrow, to minimize the chance of Katyusha fire.


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