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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch - Hamas calls for investigation into arms transfer to Abbas

The saga of the transfer of weapons by Israel to 'moderate Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen continues.

Hamas is now calling for an investigation into the transfer of weapons by the Olmert administration to Abu Mazen claiming that that the move was intended to trigger civil war among the Palestinians. As if the 'Palestinians' couldn't do that themselves.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced last week in London that he was transferring weapons to Abu Mazen's Force 17, causing 'senior PA officials in Ramallah' to express outrage with Israel for going public on the issue.

One 'Palestinian official' protested: "The Israeli government should not have published this. This is an extremely sensitive issue and the Palestinians street will now think that Israel is arming us so that we could fight Hamas. This makes us look like collaborators." And we all know what the 'Palestinians' do to 'collaborators.'

Another official told The Jerusalem Post that there was "nothing unusual" with the transfer of weapons to the PA.

"Under the terms of the Oslo Accords and other agreements signed with Israel, the Palestinian Authority is entitled to bring light weapons for the security forces. This is not the first time that rifles and ammunition have been transferred from Jordan or Egypt." Yes, but it may be the first time that they were trans-shipped through Israel. In the past, Israel has given the 'Palestinians' weapons directly.

According to the Post, although the transfer of the weapons was completed on Wednesday night, Abu Mazen and his top aides have publicly denied knowing anything about the deal. On a visit to Nablus Thursday, Abu Mazen accused Israel of lying and insisted that no weapons had been sent to his security forces.

But Hamas has now raised the stakes to 3000 M-16's and three million bullets (the previous stories all said 1000 and one million, respectively) and is demanding an investigation by... you guessed it:

"We call on the Palestinian Legislative Council to launch an immediate investigation into this matter," said a statement issued by the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip. "We want to know the nature and type of the weapons, why they are needed, and the party that paid for the rifles and bullets."

Remember who controls the 'Palestinian Legislative Council'? I knew you did.


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