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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ehud kisses Jacques' derriere

Ehud Olmert put on a disgusting display in France today, where he kissed the derriere of the man who visited Yasser Arafat's hospital room to pay a 'personal tribute' two years ago.

Olmert pronounced his convergence consolidation realignment surrender and expulsion suicide plan 'unstoppable,' saying that it 'will be implemented' 'with or without negotiations.'

But listen to how he is now defining it:
"Willingness to give up most of the territory, hold onto the blocs, moving settlers behind a security border and forming a contiguous Palestinian state - this is the convergence," he expanded, adding that circumstances had to be considered.
Translation: the 'security fence' is the border, just like the right always feared it would be. The elephant is still in the room, since the only way a 'Palestinian state' will be contiguous between Judea and Samaria and Gaza is if it replaces the Jewish state. "Circumstances have to be considered' means that the Jews have to be given an appropriate amount of time to learn how to swim. He also announced that Chirac has no objections to Israel committing suicide. Putz.

Olmert described his meeting with Chirac
enthusiastically, calling it "emotional, encouraging, and interesting," and referring to Chirac as "patient and personal." A description worthy of Shlomo Ben Ami. And yes, Ben Ami is also a Francophile (as is Slimy Shimon by the way).

Wait - it gets worse:

Chirac returned us to the bad old days of the 'great powers' (which France never has been and never will be) imposing peace piece by piece on the region Israel.

"It is time to impose peace in the region," said the French president, "based on two states living side by side each other in peace." Of course, Chirac has in mind 'Palestine' and Jordan....

Now, for the piece de resistance: Olmert told Chirac, "I am honored to be your guest in France. As the prime minister who represents the Jewish people it is a special honor to be a guest of one of the greatest fighters against anti-Semitism in the world." [Three separate links there - and I could have given you many more].

Lest you've forgotten some of the recent history of this relationship, HaAretz reminds us:

Chirac, however, is seen by many Israelis as unfairly pro-Arab, and has not traveled to Israel since 1996, when he angrily shouted at Israeli police and accused them of limiting his movements during a tour of Jerusalem's holy sites.

In 2004, then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon outraged the French government when he said France was home to "the wildest anti-Semitism" and urged French Jews to emigrate to Israel for their own safety.

Excuse me - I've just lost my supper.


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