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Friday, September 30, 2016

A Hillary supporter on why comparisons of Trump to Hitler are dangerous

The tweet above, among others, have unfortunately enabled comparisons of Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler. No matter whom we support in the US Presidential election, those comparisons are repugnant and dangerous. This was posted to Facebook by a longtime friend who supports Hillary Clinton. Since I have some readers who unfortunately still support Hillary, please at least take this to heart.
I feel the need to put this thought on my wall again. I'm seeing more and more posts and articles analogizing Trump to Hitler. This is a very disturbing trend for many reasons. Here's just one: we're now starting to encounter a generation that has not met and will not meet anyone who lived through WW-II (much less the Holocaust). When they ask 'what was Hitler like?' and your answer [via your posts] is "Hitler was like Trump" ask yourself will those kids understand the enormity of the evil perpetuated by the Nazis if this is the comparison you're implanting in their impressionable minds? Trump is bad, yes, Trump is a danger, yes, Trump [may be] [is] a Fascist (Mussolini-style), but he is NOT a Nazi and he is NOT Hitler. Making this comparison cheapens the evil perpetuated by and done in the name of Der Fuehrer. [Rant over.]
Indeed. I don't think he's a fascist either, and I'm voting for him even though I would rather have seen a different Republican nominee. But in any event, those of you who compare Trump to Hitler are cheapening the Holocaust. Let your conscience deal with that. 

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