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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Obama 'reflects,' sees himself as perfect

If I didn't know he was arrogant, I might think he was naive. From Barack Obama's 'reflections' while meeting with rabbis before the Jewish New Year.
As Rabbi Matanky noted, Rosh Hashanah is a time for reflection, and I'm not exempt from that. So, looking back on the last eight years, I'm both proud of what we've accomplished together, but also mindful of the work we have before us.
When it comes to the unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security, we've taken a clear stand, and the recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding constitutes the single largest pledge of military assistance in U.S. history to any country, totaling $38 billion over 10 years.
I made a commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and because of our principled diplomacy, every pathway to a nuclear weapon is now closed off. Iran has dismantled two-thirds of its installed centrifuges, shipped out 98 percent of its enriched uranium, rendered its plutonium reactor core unusable, and adopted the most comprehensive nuclear inspection ever.
On the global fight against anti-Semitism, we've worked in partnership with Israel and other countries to take a lead role in organizing the first ever U.N. General Assembly meeting to combat anti-Semitism last year.
And so on these issues and many others we have worked incredibly closely with many of you, allocating millions in assistance for Holocaust survivors, and ensuring that the U.N. finally recognized Yom Kippur as an official holiday, and more broadly, working to rebuild a sinking economy -- so that we've cut the unemployment rate by more than half, provided health care to 20 million people who didn’t have it before, ramped up our production of clean energy, signed a historic Paris agreement that hopefully will curb the accelerating speed at which our planet is warming and could threaten the future of our children and our grandchildren.
Of course, we've still got a lot of work to do -- on the refugee crisis, on criminal justice reform, reducing violence, and creating a political culture in this country that’s a little more functional. But a new year brings new hope, and the community represented on this phone call has always known what it means to stand up for the less fortunate, the stranger, the immigrant, the refugee. And so I'm confident that we can stand together and make sure that as we pass the baton to the next administration that we're going to be able to build on the enormous progress that we've already made.
I don't have time to begin answering, but he is arrogance personified. 

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At 2:25 PM, Blogger Shtrudel said...

Totally in line with his being a narcissist...

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But what did he say to the rabbis BEFORE he made this Official Statement? Was it something like:

"Thank you for trekking up the mountain to see me. Here are the tablets I promised."

No one with that self-image can possibly understand anything about the Divine, and about Faith. That might have a lot to do with Rev. Wright having told him that his religious views could be acceptable at Trinity -- more than him allegedly remaining a secret Muslim (from his pre-Marxist childhood.)

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

As I began to listening to Obama's recent speech at the UN, my first thought was how jealous his butt must have been at the amount of crap that was coming out of his mouth.

He, with his elevated chin & nose in the air, is the last one to sniff his own flatulence, is so repugnant, I can't imagine being him & having to wake up every day in the same room as myself.

He brightens a room just by leaving. I heard that he once asked a staffer at the UN why ppl took an instant dislike to him & was told, "It saves time."

People have been known to commit suicide by scaling the summit of his ego, and then plunging all the way down to his I.Q.

Hope Trump does better debating HC & both of her dim wits if she's allowed out of bed. If he wins, these current nincompoops, who couldn't pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel, will have to skiddattle.

If not, this country's going to be up Hillary Creek without a paddle.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Julie Jo said...

Too funny...


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